Sunday, 15 December 2013

Stop Motion Animation

 As part of our studies of Jan Svankmajer  we created our own  stop motion animation film. Initially struggling with ideas we went back to basics and decided pen and paper would suffice.

When we started shooting, it immediately became clear how much time and skill was required in order to create a successful piece of stop motion animation. For a highly amateur  29 second  film of nonsense,  it took us over 2 hours of work!

Although we experimented with the depth of focus we did not try to get any other angle shots, this was partly due to fear of moving the camera and then not being able to achieve the same shot again. This is something that I would like to try if I ever  did this again as I feel it would enhance the viewing experience greatly.

Taken from the sound track of the film Hanna I am fond of the song used in this film as I feel the fast tempo is fitting with the speed of the film. I also made the last minute decision to add a scribbling pencil sound effect  whilst the pen is moving. I did this to mirror one of Svankmajer techniques of adding exaggerated sound. I think in order for this to be more  successful the sound would have to be slower and editing more precise . 

Overall I am happy with this not so seamless film as I now have a better understanding of how to create a stop motion animation.It is a process that I have enjoyed and might consider using this technique in my creative project coursework. 

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